The Importance of Chemistry for Building Ultimate Team

fifa 15

However good the players in your team are, they won’t play the best unless they have great chemistry between them. The nationality of the players, and also the clubs they play for, help determine who plays well together. For every player that is positioned near another player who has similarities of nationality, will develop a chemistry link, which will massively improve the passing and interplay between those players.

Even if you only bought the best, they still wouldn’t be as good as a team that had great chemistry and good players. The passing of a team with chemistry is always fast and precise, with players controlling the ball instantly. The most drastic links can usually be noticed when the ball is crossed in. Crosses from players who have chemistry seem to fly towards the heads of whoever is the box. You will definitely notice that you score a lot more wonder goals and perform very rare skills when your team is fully linked together.

This is why you should probably have a plan before you start buying. Do you want to build the Spain team? Maybe you want to recreate the Bayern team, with a few extra additions, such as Draxler. I would recommend that you decide on a player and then build your team around them. If you go online and stock up on Fifa 15 coins, you can buy large quantities of coins at a reduced price. This way you will be guaranteed to buy the player that you really want and then start surrounding them with players who have chemistry.

If you just buy the most expensive players, without looking at chemistry, then you probably won’t build the strongest team possible. Building a strong team involves planning and strategy so that you can get the most out of your performance. Once you’ve seen a team with chemistry play, you will realise how important it is. You will see goals and skills that you have never witnessed before playing the game in other modes. If you really want to see what Fifa can do, then get on ultimate team and make chemistry your top priority.


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