Try your football skills with fifa 15 thrills

fifa 15 coins

FIFA a game that has been running successfully for years and is loved and played by people of all age groups. Be it xbox, p.s. Or PC or any other console if you are a gaming freak then FIFA is one game that you have played for sure. This time in September 2014 Electronic Arts launched FIFA 15 developed by Electronic Arts Canada. Being such an amazing game, it has many new features and it will make you feel like a real hero and the best player and even now there is the availability of cheap fifa 15 coins to make your gameplay better.

For winning any game you need to have one player as your trump card or you can even call him as your main player. This player has to be someone who has the best capabilities and a high rating so that you can depend on him to win the game. Let me help you out to choose one such player for your own team. It is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, originally belonging to country Sweden, he plays for club Paris Saint-Germain. Being the 4th seeded player in terms of rating he still maintains a rating of 90 out of 100.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic can be bought by cheap fifa coins. It will cost you around 5.1m cheap fifa 15 coins. Now let me guide you how to use him as your main strength and how to overcome his weakness to win the match. He is a perfect finisher and has a rating of 91 in finishing. He even has a rating of 88 in long shooting, volleys and ball control and aggression. But on the other side, he lacks ratings with just 25 in marking, 41 in balance, 27 in sliding tackle and 20 in interceptions. So he is best suited to be an attacking player and at times as a mid-fielder as his aggression can be best used in midfield. So deploy him in a region with a player who has good passing skills and can help him, rest he will turn it into a goal and eventually a win.


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