Blade and Soul : MMORPGs You Want to Play in 2016

With more and more Korean MMO companies joining the mobile market, the glorious era of Korean client MMO has gone. There will surely be less Korean MMOs blade & soul gold coming out in 2016 than in previous few years but some anticipated ones are still to be waiting for. Below are 10 of them. Tell us what titles you want to play most in 2016.

Open world MMORPG gets some Minecraft elements, and that’s MapleStory 2. The most distinct features is the ability to design your own in-game clothes for your character. The Korean version has started open beta in July 2015 and done well so far. In the western market, Nexon has revived Dungeon Fighter Online in 2015 and looks forward to bringing more titles to the market. MapleStory 2 is apparently a good choice.
Possibility to play in the west this year: 35%

Diablo style action MMORPG is no new thing in the market. But Lost Ark gets persistent open world, impressive visuals, cinematic dungeons, and lots of classes. Many western publishers must have seen this game, and good news is Lost Ark has confirmed the first oversea market – China. That means Smilegate is open for negotiation for oversea release.
Possibility to play in the west this year: 10%

It seems that Civilization Online is developed for bns gold global market at the very beginning although it will be first released in South Korea. 2K Games launched the global official site when they announced the game and it would make no sense if they don’t release the game in the west where millions of fans have played the franchise for years.
Possibility to play in the west this year: 45%

The game will launch in the west very soon and it should be the one many western players are waiting for in January.

Cheap NBA 2K16 MT Coins

It is the 17th installment in the NBA 2K franchise and the successor to NBA 2K15. It was released on September 29, 2015 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. There are three different covers for the main game, one featuring Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans, another featuring Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, and the last featuring James Harden of the Houston Rockets . A special edition version of the game was released;. it features Michael Jordan on the cover Additionally, the French version of NBA 2K16 features Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs as the cover athlete, the German version, Dennis Schr?der of the Atlanta Hawks , and the Spanish version, Marc and Pau Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies and Chicago Bulls respectively.

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Black Friday Pack Opening Simulator of FIFA 16

With the arrival of Black Friday, EA will carry out various activities for ultimate team packs you know, then how to choose the Black Friday pack opening to get rare players and earn fifa coins? Today we have test it at FIFA 16 Pack Opening Simulator.

Black Friday Packs
35k (or 700 FIFA Points) Mega Pack:
The BIGGEST pack yet with a whopping 30, yes THIRTY, items! A mix of players and consumables, at least 26 Gold with 18 Rares.
Pack limit: 5
3pm UK:
25k (or 350 FIFA Points) Premium Gold Players Pack:
Nothing but players to build out your ultimate squads! Includes 12 players, at least 10 Gold with 3 Rares.
Amount available: 50,000
6pm UK:
25k (or 500 FIFA Points) Rare Gold Pack:
The most unique Gold items, all in a single pack! A mix of 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 10 Gold and all Rare.
Amount available: 25,000
9pm UK:
50k (or 1,000 FIFA Points) Rare Players Pack:
The most unique top-rated players, all in a single pack! Includes 12 items, all players, all Gold, all Rare.
Amount available: 12,500
12am UK:
100k (or 2,000 FIFA Points) Jumbo Rare Players Pack:
The most unique top-rated players, all in a single pack! Includes 24 items, all players, all Gold, all Rare.
Amount available: 25,000

Due to the Rare Gold Pack and Premium Gold Players Pack we have mentioned and analysis in the previous article about 6 Best FIFA Ultimate Team Coins Packs, the recommended star is 1 and 2, so today we are testing 100K Jumbo Rare Players Pack and 50K Rare Players Pack, total 500K Coins opening.

FIFA 15 Coins Player Review: Gareth Bale


On release day, I packed Hazard and Kompany, and after a few more sales and games played, I picked him up for the bargain price of 481,000. I knew he’d go up in value, and I didn’t think there was a safer investment out there. Ever since, he’s been a mainstay in my team, playing in the right wing position in a false nine 4-3-3 system. I used James Rodriguez as the centre forward, and the two players combined to devastating effect.

Onto his attributes:
Pace 10- This one’s kind of obvious. No defender will match him for pace, so if you beat the defender, he won’t recover and catch you. Add a hunter chemistry style, and he becomes even quicker, making him even more devestating.

Shot 9- I was very impressed. When I bought him I thought he’d finsih a lot of one-on-ones in the box, which he did, but I was so impressed with his long range shots when cutting in on his left. He hit the ball with great power, and half the time they were finding the top corner. His finesse shots aren’t amazing, but they can still be lethal with practice.

Pass 8- overall, he’s a decent passer of the ball. His through balls are accurate and his short passes and one-two’s are tidy too. I don’t cross too much, but on the rare occasions I did cross, Bale did it very well, with pace and accuracy.

Dribbling 9- Due to his incredible pace, he seems to ghost past players. I think some players, Messi, even James etc have nicer close control, but Bale’s dribbling with his pace is excellent. It’s more than good enough to blaze through the heart of your opponent’s team. You don’t notice his relatively low 77 agility stat, largely due to the power and pace in his runs

Defending 8- His strength and pace are brilliant for stealing the ball back and starting counter attacks. He didn’t do any real defending for me as he was deployed as a winger, but his physical attributes make him more than ample for the task.

Physical 9- He’s a beast, with excellent pace, power and aerial ability. A true athlete, which shines through in game. He feels faster than any player I’ve used, including Walcott and Biabiany, which is due his dribbling and stength, which seemingly make him unstoppable.

His high attacking work rate and medium defensive work rate work perfectly. He’s always high enough up the pitch when the team is attacking, and he’s always far enough back to recieve the ball from defenders which can lead to defeating counter attacks.

His 4 star skills are a nice option, giving the player another option rather than sheer pace when it comes to taking on defenders. His weak foot is 3 stars, meaning he can score effectively with his right foot, but his shot is slightly inconsistent on that side.

So, my advice is pounce on him before be going to 750,000+, he’s the games number one option for a right midfielder or winger.

If you have the cheap fifa 15 coins, splash them on this sound investment, you won’t feel let down!

FIFA 15 Coins Guide:Winning a Tournament or Playing Seasons

Every time you finish a season, and even if things have not gone well, you are awarded a prize. That is, you get a prize for participation but also based on your performance. In tournaments, prizes are awarded only if you win them. You usually are paid in coins but sometimes you will receive some packs. Since FUT 15 you can also win specific cards.

buy fifa 15 coins

The first step is to choose the game type: offline, on line, season or tournament. This decision affects the potential amount of coins you may earn.

Play. Try to finish the season or win the tournament. In both cases, if you don’t do it, you will not receive coins. At the end of the season you will receive the prize according to your performance. For tournaments, you only receive the prize if you win the final.

At the end of each season match, there is a menu that shows the goals of your division and the prizes.

There is not much to do to earn more fifa 15 coins with this method. But you can try the following:
1).Choose Seasons
In seasons you need to play more than the four tournament matches in order to get your prize. But the truth is that the seasons are more profitable. If you are a great player, you can make 15k coins in seven first division matches. Joining this to prize matches, means that you can earn almost 1.500 coins per match. Not bad at all. It is very difficult to find tournaments so well paid.

2).Play to achieve your goals
When we start a match is because we want to win it. However, excessive ambition can be dangerous. If you are in the last match and the tie is enough to achieve your goals, to put all your players in the attack may not be the best choice. Always keep in mind the goals of the season. Using training cards in the matches that can give you the title can also be a good decision.

3).Don’t Give Up
Especially when you are playing a season, it makes no sense to quit and give up the prize. Even if you get relegated, you will always receive some coins.

FIFA 15 January transfer update release time

January is a highly anticipated time for FIFA 15 players all across the globe. Start your countdown, because at the end of January EA will release the first of the FIFA 15 January upgrades. The developer will upgrade the players that they deem to be worthy of improvement, just like they do every year and following on from events that transpire in the real European Transfer window.


We have already seen one or two notable transfers happen in real life of course, but the main action will happen on the last day when the January transfer window closes on February 2, 2015 at 11pm UK time.

EA meanwhile has been sticking to a strict pattern each year. We can tell you that the developer should launch the first wave of FIFA 15 January transfer upgrades on January 30.

Of course, there will be some transfers that will happen on February 2, so that’s why EA will launch FIFA 15 transfer updates in various batches.

Although not guaranteed, the second wave of FIFA 15 January transfers could be going live in the game on February 7 – once EA has had enough time to transfer player databases according to whatever happens on February 2 in the real window.

How do upgrades work?
Basing our knowledge from previous years of FIFA, players who have impressed throughout the start of the season (since the release of the game) can potentially receive an upgrade. If a player receives an upgrade, his normal/non-inform version will remain in the game and from that point onwards his new upgraded version will be the version available in packs.(Players can be upgraded between qualities, i.e. bronze>silver & silver>gold.)

When will the upgrades be?
We’re expecting these upgrades to take place around late January/early February. Rest assured we’ll have all the details here as soon as they become available.

What about in-forms?
NIF = Non in-form
IF = First in-form
SIF = Second in-form
TIF = Third in-form

What’s your expectations of the upcoming window?

Full fifa 15 coins making method

fifa coins

Now that the TOTY cards have finished for FIFA 15,You can find lots of methods to make your FIFA coins, and it’s up to you to find out which won will work best. You can also have a try to use multiple methods to see how you’ll do on them.

The most popular one is buying low and selling high. Within this method, there are many methods you could try. They include: time method, hours method, last minute method, 59th minute method, maintenance method, enhancement method, in-form method, consoles method and price fix method.

You could discard cards for FIFA ultimate team coins as well, which has been known for quick sales. There isn’t any risk but it’s a bit time consuming. The FIFA coins income is also small.

You can play more matches and earn prizes by this as well. It is really fun and easy while the FIFA coins income is also very small.

Playing the full season or winning tournaments is a new method. It is really fun and you can always do this while the income might be small too.

Wining the TOTW challenge is a quite new method as well. You will earn a rather nice number of FIFA ultimate team coins once you win. It’s fun and could be performed regularly while the income would be small if you didn’t win.

Buying packs isn’t so effective and there will be high risk. However, you could be successful depending on the other players.

Swapping FIFA ultimate team coins is also possible to make FIFA coins once you play the older version of FIFA. The exchange ratio could be really good while it’s difficult to find the people who want to swap.

Buying FIFA ultimate team coins is effective. It is also the easiest method, though it costs you some real money and you have to find a reliable seller at first.