The most effective maintenance method to make fifa 15 coins

fifa 15 guide

The Maintenance Method is one of the most effective methods to earn FIFA 15 coins.Cards stucked in watch list, players who disappeared, FIFA Points that never entered into our account. All those who play FIFA 53 Ultimate Team are aware of these and other problems with this game mode. The only way that EA has to try to solve them is to perform maintenance to their systems. As if that were not bad enough, EA also performs periodical routine actions. Nobody likes to be deprived temporarily of the game for which have paid but we have to know to take advantage of bad times. That’s what this method does.

When EA performs a maintenance operation that prevents players from accessing FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the market does not stop.This is the window of opportunity that must be seized.

If an auction expires during an outage or maintenance period, the auction will be completed, and accept the last bid made prior to the outage or maintenance.The maintenance method consists in to know when the interruption will take place and in tobid as many cheap cards as possible. If no one else bid until the beginning of the maintenance, the cards will be yours.

Here are the steps to apply the Maintenance Method on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team:
Step 1 – Find
The first step is to find out when there will be a maintenance which completely stop access to the market (there are some that allow access through the main platform).
Step 2 – Search and Bid
The second step is to find and to bid the low price cards whose auction expires during the outage.
Step 3 – Sell
The cards that we can buy in the circumstances described above will be sold later. Only then we will transform our work into profit.

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